Translated Sermon #20: The Treasure of the Church by Nyitrai Berta

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Summary of sermon: The sermon was written in 1973.   The sermon is using a personal story about the Transylvanian Unitarian Hymnal to reveal what is the most important, essential treasures of the church.  Both the building, and the church in the heart.  The circumstances of the writer of this sermon is also something to think about.  Nyitrai Berta was the wife of Nyitrai Mózes (the unitarian minister in the village of Homoródkarácsonyfalva).  Berta was a minister, and she also was, what we would call, a choir director at the church.   She was arrested in 1959 on charges that she committed acts that challenged the ruling communist order. She was sentenced to 25 years of prison.  She received amnesty in 1964, and then followed her husband who became the minister in the village of Vadad.    Her grandson, Dr. Kecskés Csaba, is currently the minister of the unitarian church at Marosvásárhely Kövesdomb.  That is the partner of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady.

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