Translated Sermon #18: Our Fulfillment by Nyitrai Mózes

For full text go to the menu on top of the UnitarianTorch home page, click on Translated Transylvanian Unitarian Sermons line, and then click on the title: SermonOurFulfillment.

Summary of sermon: The sermon was written in 1991.   The sermon is urging us to do all we can to reach the highest level of development of our souls: become one with God. Because Jesus,a flesh and blood human, has reached that level, we have a path pointed out for us.  The circumstances of the writer of this sermon is also something to think about.  Nyitrai Mózes was an ordained unitarian minister in the village of Homoródkarácsonyfalva until 1958, when he was arrested on charges that he committed acts that challenged the ruling communist order. He was sentenced to 10 years of prison.  He received amnesty in 1964, and then he became the minister in the village of Vadad.   I wonder if the ideals explained in this sermon had helped him to maintain his dignity during that time of imprisonment, and after his release when he decided to continue to serve others through his ministry.  His grandson, Dr. Kecskés Csaba, is currently the minister of the unitarian church at Marosvásárhely Kövesdomb.  That is the partner of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady.

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