10 thoughts on “Transylvania-focused order of service presented on November 11, 2018

  • Marge,
    I added you to the subscriber list. You’ll receive an email whenever a new item is added to the unitariantorch site.
    Thank you for your interest.


  • Peter,
    I have been unable to make contact with her through regular email. I’m aware of only one actual full sermon translated by her. She did publish a book with the collection of her father’s sermons, butt hat was in Hungarian. Her book-sized translation of her father’s dissertation work is an illustration of Transylvanian unitarian history through sermons, but there are no full sermons translated, only very short snippets.
    Please let me know if I missed something.

    Thank you,

  • Many years ago when we conneced to Segesvar church, how we could have used this tool. Instead a few of us at Princeton NJ tried to learn the language…spent 6 yrs and then never returned to use it. I was so disappointed.
    This generation is so lucky to have your efforts.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Keene

  • Nancy,
    I tried to teach Hungarian to my fellow church goers when I was in Bedford, MA, and it was a difficult task. So, don’t blame yourself, because Hungarian is a very tough language to master. I’m just happy to put my skils to use for translating sermons and other articles.

  • Rory,
    Thanks for commenting. By subscribing to this site you’ll get notifications of newly-translated material. I’m planning on translating about one sermon per month. Other relevant translated material may also be added.
    Happy New Year!

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