Translated Sermon #31: Funeral Sermon The Origin and Attributes of Justice by Szentábrahámi Lombárd Mihály

For full text go to the menu on top of the UnitarianTorch home page, click on Translated Transylvanian Unitarian Sermons line, and then click on the title: FuneralSermonBiroSamuel.

Summary of sermon: The sermon was written in 1721 by Szentábrahámi Lombárd Mihály, and was preached in Latin over the casket of homoródszentmártoni Bíró Sámuel.   The title: “The Origin and Attributes of Justice” is very fitting, because the deceased was a judge of the Royal Court of Law.  The time period represents the height of the effort of the Habsburg Empire to rid Transylvania of Unitarians through forced catholicization, confiscation of property, denial of book printing, and the denial of promotion to high offices. Homoródszentmártoni Bíró Sámuel was one of those rare instances where a Unitarian was promoted to be councilor at the Royal Court of Law, so his death was a serious blow to the cause of Unitarians.  The preacher became the Bishop of Transylvanian Unitarian church in 1738. He is best know as the author of the most detailed explanations regarding Transylvanian Unitarian theology.

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