Translated Sermon #26: With God, in the Service of Mankind by Szabó Dezső

For full text go to the menu on top of the UnitarianTorch home page, click on Translated Transylvanian Unitarian Sermons line, and then click on the title: SermonWithGodintheServiceofMankind.

Summary of sermon: This sermon was written in 1971.   The sermon is urging us to follow the command of Jesus to the disciples in Mark 10: 42-44, and dedicate our lives to the service of everyone. The author passes down to us the flame of commitment to service.  The circumstances of the writer of this sermon is also something to think about.  Szabó Dezső was an ordained unitarian minister in the village of Nagyajta until 1959, when he was arrested on charges that he committed acts that challenged the ruling communist order. He was sentenced to 20 years of prison.  He received amnesty, and then he eventually became a minister in Kolozsvár.   It is a magnificent expression of dignity, and following the ideal of Jesus when Szabó Dezső responds with the words of this sermon to the monumental injustice perpetrated on him. His grandson, Korodi Alpár, is a teacher of history in the János Zsigmond Unitárius Kollegium (Unitarian High School) in Kolozsvár.  The Nagyajta Unitárius Egyházközség is partnering with the First Unitarian Society of Madison, Wisconsin.

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